Saturday, 8 December 2007

Oh Happy (if soggy) Day

Had such big plans, and a big list... but when I awoke this morning the rain was teeming down and I do mean TEEMING, as in slanted stair rods. Had hoped to venture to town to see the continental market, plus get some more Xmas pressies, but rain was unrelenting so I abandoned the plan. But I still needed to get some T lights, and new twinkly lights for tree, papers and at least one pressie. I also abandoned all 'green' thoughts and jumped into the car, do I care if the hight street is just a 15 min walk away? Nope, not in stormy weather I don't. It was me and two others in Woolies (Woolworths to the uninitiated) rattling around, each trying to find what they needed (why do shops move stuff? - Leave everything where it is, then we can find it!) I was trying to find the T lights, small candles, plus hoped to buy Spirograph for nephew -fat chance as they'd not even bothered to order any for their store! Arrgghhhh - yet in national newspaper it had said that all Woolies had Spirographs! Humph! But got candles (but how did I manage to choose the bag that had NO bar code on it?), plus batteries, plus papers, but no Xmas lights or twinkly tree lights. So off to cheapo shop down road in driving rain, yuck. Searched high and low for a 40 set of twinkly lights, clear but couldn't find any, just as I was about to abandon all hope I walked round stand and yep, there they were, so grabbed them, plus stick on Happy Christmas sign (more of that in a min). Back to Boots to grab boxed set of mini perfumes for sister and back to car and then home. Wind was by now howling and was blooming cold. Happy to get back indoors. So decked sad looking half an Xmas tree (don't ask), which had been looking so forlorn since yesterday, had the big switch on, an yeah, a sparkly tree! Have taken photo, will upload tomorrow. Then put up Xmas wreath on door, and started to add new Happy Xmas sign, stick on gel like letters... well you gets what you pay for, these were cheap and fell off immediately. So dug out old Happy Xmas sign and grabbed some blue tack.

Then it all got messy, me plus glitter glue, embossing powder, brush marker pens, gel pens.... I resembled a paint chart by 5 pm, the carpet looked very festive with its light layering of red, silver, gold and green tinsel embossing powder. Oh did I mention the glue, a bit of the old Pritt stick and some sticky dots, plus the odd 3d bit of stray foam... all stuck to elbows, fingers and wrists, and a thumb, or two... :-)) But who cares? I was a happy crafter, doing what she enjoys best, making stuff to put smiles on faces... well in the hope of putting smiles on faces!

Tomorrow I'm scrapping, more mess, more glue.... don't care about rain, snow, wind... shall venture as far as supermarket for essential supplies, wine, papers, oh maybe food....

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