Thursday, 6 December 2007

A happy day part two

Oh you have to laugh, our techheads (who must have got their IT qualifications from the back of a cereal packet) failed to remove the virus, so back it came in boomerang fashion. Was happy to chuck everyone off the computers as we had much more important things to do, such as get up the rest of the Xmas decks - think we tinselled everything that didn't move. Tho I had to climb up the rickety ladder, luckily some kind soul had left the drawing pins in place, so it was a case of just hooking stuff on. My friend decked the tree in the staff room, a more moth eaten tree you've never seen! It is missing bits, has a nasty list, but once decked with a motely assortment of baubles and lights it looks quite pretty. We also have the nativity to put together, each year we wonder if some PC idiot will complain about us having it on display. Mind you one of the 3 kings has a dodgy head, held on with sellotape!

Also had a note from boss telling me to wear my ID badge, mmmm, amazing ain't it how she is able to 'tell people off' via notes, but is a total coward when your face to face with her. Tho I had the last laugh as I have 3 witnesses who can swear that I was wearing my badge, I just wasn't wearing the horrible nylon landyard it was attached to, I removed that as it was too itchy and replaced it with a metal chain. So Yah Boo Sucks Boss! I also think having it on a chain is dangerous, I can see the stupid thing getting trapped in a drawer.

We were also treated to a game of 'catch the drip', our velux windows leak (in library) as they've never been properly maintained, so every time it rains we end up with several impressions of niagra falls, with water now also running down walls.

Spent rest of afternoon cutting out santa's and snowflakes. By five most people had headed home, we were left with one solitary customer, who decided to hang about till 5.45 pm, and at that point then decided to choose a book! Think the glares we gave him worked, as he quickly chose his book and beat a hasty retreat. I mean it was lashing down outside, any sensible soul would have been tucked up at home. Why do people do it? Insist on hanging around till a minute before closing time, or worse choose to come in to a shop/library etc just as they are about to close? Do they think we never go home, that we don't have a life beyond work? Well we do! Golden rule is - NEVER, EVER, go into a shop just as it is about to close, trust me you would not wish to know what the staff are thinking about you!

On that note, my glass needs refilling....

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