Friday, 28 December 2007

Think it maybe Friday..... ?

Can't be entirely sure, but methinks it maybe Friday. Think I started the week on Monday, which was Christmas Eve, and was working, but since then, it has descended into a haze...

Made this exploding New Year box for my niece, who is also my god-daughter. She was chuffed. Then showed her the scrapbook I had intended to give her at Christmas, but time defeated me! She was thrilled with that, in fact she also wants her next holiday scrapped - bring it on! Love scrapbooking. Tho today I settled down to explore my one proper crafty gift (from mum), which was a papermania case stuffed with goodies. Had a go at rubbing on that rub on stuff, but was a bit of a disaster, will rescue it at some later date. Not happy with rub on thingies, those metallic rub ons, got it from Hobbycraft but hadn't realised how badly damaged the case was, so will have to take it back as I'm sure the stuff as dried out. But did manage two and a bit cards, the latter will be finished off tomorrow. Got this nutty idea to colour the inside bits of the peel off of a flower, so that the leaves are green, and the bit in middle of flower is dark gold, I do get these mad ideas just when it is time to vacate kitchen so that I can make dinner. But it was working.... also employed new paper cutter, can't believe I am actually managing to cut perfectly sized cards, and it has a scorer, hadn't realised, so used that, and yep it worked perfickly. How was I managing with the naff and cheap paper cutter from Tescos? So I have learned my lesson, don't buy cheap as you will only regret it. May employ old cutter in prospective craft classes.

But do need to upgrade 'puter, had this one for 6 years and it is sloooooow. Current one is just t too slow. But alls I need is the hard drive, looked on Dell last night, saw what I wanted, but boy are they crafty... after you add on the essential bits the price shoots up! Am half tempted to get a lap top, but I know that is just the gadgety gal inside of me talking, I do love gadgets and can be easily sucked in. Nope will stick with the plan, a new hard drive, got the rest of the bits, keyboard, TFT screen... will go back to Dell and order my ' hanging' order. Don't really want Vista either, am quite happy with XP.

Now need to organise myself and get rid of old craft stuff on ebay, been meaning to for a while, so have to get on with it. Don't need my Big Shot anymore, nor my embossing kit, both can help pay for new hard drive. Also need to sort out bedroom, new furniture, new mattress and some storage for my craft stuff. Everything is currently in papermania cases, or totes or in boxes. Did make a start by putting away the Xmas stash, but need to sort out my peel offs, need some letters - urgently! Would also like new back and two new knees, went down stairs today and got half way down and OUCH! Boy did it hurt, had this problem 18 months ago, had one knee operated on, but made little difference, now right knee has come out in sympathy, back is decidedly dodgy... I knows what the surgeon needs to do, give me a new ligament to hold kneecap in place, in both knees, as for back - just have to wait till rest of dodgy disc disintergrates. Ain't life grand!

Just updated slide show, am now getting hang of it... I think! Enjoy

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