Sunday, 30 December 2007

Out with the old and in

With the new! Well that is the idea. Went for a lovely walk today, for once it wasn't too cold or too windy, and it was dry. Plumped for my favourite walk which is along the beach, was hoping that perhaps someone had dressed up the Iron Men, but sadly they were undecorated. But the walk blew the cobwebs away, and gave me some energy. So after a BLT, minus the L bit, I washed and waxed the car, it was looking very forlorn and dirty. I swear she was smiling after I'd finshed waxing her, and I'm sure I heard a happy sigh. Of course Sods law kicked in, two hours after I'd washed my car it... rained! Oh well.

Then I got out my stash, was determined to finish off the waterfall card and try the lantern card. Took a photo, but it's a bit of a naff photo, will try again tomorrow in daylight. Thought I would get into a mess with the self adhesive paper, thinking I'd end up with either all over me or skewed on the card, there was a big 'phew' when it went on straight. Didn't attempt the big lantern card, four cards stuck together, so just started with one card. I also finally figured out the instructions for the waterfall card, but more by luck than design - think more detailed instructions would have helped. The last kit I made it had the waterfall folding back on itself, so that you fixed the two flaps to the card, and then threaded the waterfall bit thru, this one you had to fix the last bit of the waterfall to the 'bridge' or that's what I call it. Took some photos but they are even worse than those I took of the lantern card.

But it was a satisfying afternoon, like it when the ideas work and you end on a high with some lovely cards. Really do need to replenish my card box, it is rather depleted. Been thinking about New Years resolutions (thanks BJ ;-)) ) Don't usually bother, but it was what kept me awake at 4 a.m., this morning, thoughts racing. So the things to do:

1. Sort out my craft stuff - properly!
2. Try some new techniques like altered art
3. Put unwanted craft stuff on ebay - like my Big Shot
4. Sort out bedroom, get new furniture so I can get some craft storage
5. Get more exercise - been too much of a craft couch potato

And look for a new job - I've had it with libraries, or rather our library management and my nit picking manager.

Oh and sort out a new computer! I'm now calling the present PC, Brian, after the snail in Magic Roundabout.

Last post tomorrow of 2007

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