Thursday, 20 December 2007

tortuous Thursday

Well I did say I was into alliteration! It was a tortuous day, very long and verrrrrry boring. But yippee, we have heat! At last we have a warm library, how long it will last is anyone's guess. So we were warm as toast today. And we were bossless, so yep, the mice did play and had a nice relaxed day.

I trotted, wel more like slithered, boy was it cold today, frost never really disappeared, to the shopping centre across the road. Stocked up on that rioja I found the other day in M&S, delish! Got meself six bottles, got one of those wine carriers, slithered back to library. And also bought another tea light holder, soooo cute, it is a hearth, with a white cat staring at the fire. Have no idea where it will go, but couldn't resist it.

Spent boring afternoon thinking that I could be at home being productive, as in cutting the rest of my exploding cracker boxes. May need some more ribbons to decorate them. Was hoping to just use up Xmas stash, but you all know how it goes, you always need more stuff. May make a quick dash to craft shop, tis very annoying that my craft central shop is now closed.... so have to go all way in to town, and they don't have the choice I am used to - ho hum. But should just about manage my mission of 8 exploding cracker boxes.

Then at last it was time to go home, was giving a lift to Jo, our newest recruit who lives in next street to me. She and I headed down the path to car park then bang, wine carrier fell apart, my six bottles of wine when crashing to ground, fortunately all were still intact. I was tho angry, the carriers are designed to carry 6 bottles, I'd got the carrier deliberately rather than have to manage several carrier bags, and the stupid thing is not up to the job. I will tell M&S. Was nice tho to get home... and finally relax.

Only got half a day on Monday then I am free..... tho sadly not free from Xmas obligations... Alls I wish is to have MY Christmas, the one that I'd like - which is to stay put on Xmas day and not set a foot over the door.

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