Friday, 21 December 2007

Freezing and funny old Friday

Another cold day, spent morning cleaning 'the lady whot I clean for' house. Though she and her family treat me as a member of the family, I am warmly welcomed with a freshly brewed mug of coffee, and then I get flicking with my duster, at noon I am indulged with a cuppa and a natter. Course this being the Festive Season we continued with the tradition, cuppa coming with a mince pie, exchange of cards, and gifts - got crafting goodies! Not that I've opened the pressie, I was tho told what was inside. Was a bit miserable tho, the house, a usually they've put the tree up - a real one, and since they live in a HUGE house, the tree is ginormous and a treat to see. But the family had had a busy week, and so the decs weren't up... Roads were busier than usual, obviously everyone now is in panic mode, I wonder if some folk walk round in a bubble and then suddenly it hits them - Christmas is coming! I mean where the heck have they been for the last two months!

I got the hump with mum, there I was happily crafting, and she says in sharp voice: Who are you making cards for now? I ignored her, but felt angry, was I annoying anyone? Was I bothering anyone? No, I was just busy making a retirement card for my BiL. I've given over my wants so that my Mum has the Christmas she wants, going to my sister's on Xmas Day, going for Sunday lunch with my brother and his family (whose house is a non smoking, heat free zone), I'll endure them both to keep the peace, alls I ask is to be left to my crafting... Next year I have decided that I will be bah humbug, will be staying put and doing what I want on Xmas day.

I was happily engaged in making a clutter card for my BiL, I'll post pic when its finished. It is tho one he will appreciate, a scene of a small bar with dog.... his two favourite things! I had another clutter card all set to go to make for mum to give to him, but I'm now inclined to 'not bother'. In fact I've set up my mat and stuff on my computer desk, will craft there, then perhaps I can do so in peace. I don't think my mum realises that sometimes what she says is 'sharp', I do occasionally hit back, but couldn't be bothered today, I'm not happy about Sunday lunch with brother, don't mind him, love him, not so keen on rest, or being stuck in a freezing cold house for a couple of hours. I love the anticipation of Christmas... after that, well it all falls flat!

Just been cutting two more exploding boxes, this time to hold some gifts, I'd made one for the lady I clean for, she loved it - which of course made me feel happy. Nice when someone really shows thier appreciation, she also knew what it was, she is into antiques and had seen some 'old' exploding boxes. Then she said she'd have to keep it as part of the Xmas decs. Think I've just become a memento!

On that happier note I shall depart...

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