Wednesday, 19 December 2007

and a wearisome Wednesday

Can't wait for Thursday, we'll be bossless! Boss was a bother today, she decided to focus on how I was wearing my ID badge, my preference is: back to front and upside down. I am complying with the rules stated on badge, which say it must be carried when at work/on duty - but is she happy - nope! Felt like flinging the thing at her and saying: stuff your job. Cannot stand pettiness, and those who have an affinity for rigidly sticking to petty rules. What also gets my goat is that those joining the library (our libraries) can wander to desk, give us any old name, invented address, we cannot ask for ID and so have to accept whatever they tell us, nor are we allowed to challenge them! I mean why should I have to wear a flaming ID badge when our customers can lie thru their teeth, then waltz off with a few hundred quids worth of books, DVDs and CDs (the latest titles) and flog them? Meanwhile we have no heating in the library, we have no hot water either, the velux windows all leak like sieves, and what is bothering our boss: how I wear my ID badge.... yep, the phrase: get a life; did spring to mind.

Was glad to get out of there and back home to a mammoth session of exploding box making. I managed to draw half of the templates for the 'cracker' idea, but had to complete one box as it has to be handed over as a gift on Friday. have taken some pics, and will post them tomorrow. It was tho a lovely way to get rid of the stress.

Other niggle is: why oh why do the TV planners think that it is necessary to change the TV schedule at this time of year? And why do they think we need endless people telling us how to cook the Christmas dinner (it is a glorified roast) or decorate our homes (in an impossible fashion)? Can't stand fashion slaves, Christmas decs are about memories, the stuff the kids made yonks ago at primary school, old baubles, stuff you buy every year, who cares if it matches? Heard that Linda Barker saying that cards shouldn't be strung on string on walls, welll mine are blu tacked to walls! So yah boo sucks to her!

I wish they'd leave the TV schedules alone, forget all the silly specials, which are not special and usually unfunny , for two years running French and Saunders failed to get even a grin out of me. I think the Xmas TV schedules are put together by bah humbugists, who hate the festive season and so exact their revenge on us all. And aw... these poor presenters, This Morning went off for the Xmas break last Friday.... they are well paid, over paid and yet need a 3 or 4 week break over the festive season.

Grump over, will be in a better mood tomorrow, I'll not now see my boss for two weeks.... bliss!

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