Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Xmas shopping almost done

Thought I'd put on of my Xmas 2 View cards on the blog. Not sure if I have got to the end of the Xmas card making, mum has snaffled cards I'd earmarked as 'spares' so think I may be making more cards tomorrow. Tho I've got a second demo on Saturday, but won't have much chance to just sit and craft, two colleagues are dying to have a go with the heat embossing, plus one of them wants to try her hand at decoupage.

Have tho just stopped dithering, was humming and arrhing over the QVC TSV, should I, shouldn't I... in the end I did. I want to have a go at the exploding boxes, but I'm not much good when it comes to measuring stuff, so a kit seems like a good idea. Plus as the Bibster said, you can then use the kit as a template. Seems good to me. It's what I did with the waterfall card kit, I used one to make a template. Makes life so much easier. But did laugh, and was almost tempted to text in to QVC when Dawn was selling the embossing paste - I was yelling at the telly - I've been using that for months! In fact I saw it at the Craft show in Manchester, same one that Dawn was at, I'm wondering if she went for a wander and saw the chap demonstrating it? But she did slightly stuff up, if you do use the embossing paste (and I'd encourage anyone to use it, as it is so darn easy), when applying the low tac tape don't press it down firmly, rather just seal the edges of the stencil, then when it comes to removing the tape, leave either the bottom or top strip on, then just lever up the stencil. I learned that from the chap who was demonstrating it. You also do need to clean the stencils right away, or just drop them into a bowl containing cold water. But it is so easy to use, and gives an instant result. I used it on my last card demo, and all were blown away by it.

Almost got to the end of my Xmas shopping! Sadly missed out on the 2 for 3 offer at Boots - rats! Was hoping that if I bought nephew and neice some posh perfume/aftershave I may have been able to get myself some more SJP's Lovely, which I love. Actually buying nephew and niece those gifts is a sort of revenge, as last year both asked me what I wanted, so I said to get me Hobbycraft vouchers. I knew something was amiss when I was handed two large boxes, both containing the usual assortment of bath stuff... :-( I was miffed, as nephew was delighted with new clothes I got him, in fact so delighted that he wore the shirt next day for a party, and neice was doubly delighted with the calendar I'd made for her of her favourite holiday plus the CD's she'd asked for. This year they have been warned, that if they give me anything resembling a 'bath set' I will chuck it at them! The rule in our family is that you get what people want, so everyone gets asked what they want, if someone has no idea they get given some vouchers or money. Other nephew bought me a wireless mouse, meant for a laptop, which I haven't got... funny how he was so chuffed with the moleskin jacket - yep, he got the same warning! I am NOT in my dotage yet, and even if I was I still wouldn't want a damn bath set. I craft, they all know I craft! So tis easy, just buy me some hobbycraft vouchers.

But only got two more pressies to buy, and youngest nephew is sorted, thanks to Amazon - I've now had it with traipsing round shops.

Oh darn it, they're showing scrap book stuff on QVC.... noooooo have got TSV!

Well best get back to online shopping...

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