Thursday, 27 December 2007

What day is it?

Think I've lost the plot. Tis confusing when in one week you have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and forget which days of the week they fall on! So to find that today was Thursday came as a bit of a surprise. Had this feeling that I should be somewhere, but when it got to 10 a.m and the boss hadn't called I breathed a sigh of relief, at least I'd vaguely remembered booking today as a holiday.

So got involved in some crafting, had a right old laugh at the Bibsters promise that you could make the 'expoding box' (from QVC kit) in one hour, well okay you could 'make' the box, but not decorate, unless you have oodles of left over stash or access to a shop or whatever QVC sends you to make up as samples. It has taken me all afternoon to make two boxes, okay admittedly part of that was spent waiting for the embossing paste to dry, but even so you do have to have a mull and an hum and ah, about what and how to decorate it. But now have 3 New Year boxes, one for neighbour, one for my god-daugher and one for my mum. My new paper cutter also proved invaluable, made a bit of a hash of a bit of embossing paste, so had to cover it up, yee hah, knew the rounded corner cutting tool would come in handy, and it did, cut two perfect pieces to hide mistake, with rounded corners. Old and naff paper cutter is going in bin! It was only a fiver, but even so, you do expect it to cut straight, which it never did. You gets what you pay for I guess, and I learned never to go 'cheap' on tools - buy the best you can afford.

Some scrapbooking tomorrow, need to make two pages over the next few days. Yes it does take me THAT long, sorry but creativity takes time - lol!

Off for a well deserved glass of red, a delicious rioja from M&S.

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