Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tedious Tuesday

I'm in an alliterative mood. But tis last week before the big day, and time is dragging at work, no-one wants to visit libraries at this time of year, not even us who work there! So it has been a very tedious day, booooring. Tho in a couple of weeks time I shall look back longingly and wish it was as boring and tedious.

Was much happier yesterday, made two more exploding boxes for my mum's friends, they worked together and now meet up every Tuesday for lunch, mum as thrilled with the boxes, as were her friends. Now set myself the task of making 8 more, decided to have exploding boxes instead of crackers. Must be bonkers! The QVC kit arrived today, a big box full of lovely things to make.... can't wait to get started! The QVC exploding boxes are much bigger than the one's I've been making, they've used 12x12 cardstock, I've been using A4 and keeping them to 7cm, then working down, I worked down thus: 7cm (for outer box), 6.5 for middle, then 6cm for inner box, and 7.4cm for lid, well it worked for me! It's also been a good way to use up all the left over bits from the Christmas stash. For one of the boxes I made (for mum's friends) I used some chipboard letters to spell her name on the outer box, they were supposed to be Chrissmassy letters, but they did the job. I'm hoping to cut most of the other boxes tomorrow, was hoping that the robo may take some of the strain, but it wouldn't play ball... box I wanted it to cut was too big! Humph!

Also planning a double clutter card for my BiL who retires on 31st December, one part of it is a pic of a pub, the other a garden shed, decided it will be 'his vision of retirement' and'her (the wife)vision of his retirement'. Just hoping I can pull it off. They'll be more like pictures than cards, but with suitably sarcastic verses in them (which my BiL loves!). Fortunately he and I share the same dry humour, as we like our red wine - very, very dry.

Well I got one and a bit days left in work this week, then just Christmas eve, but only till 12.30 pm, or if we have our way 12.20 pm, we'll shoo out any lingerers, or those who cling to their seasts, they will be warned that if they don't leave they'll spend Xmas in the library - and see if we care!

Just don't... please DON'T, on Xmas eve try to get all your shopping done well in advance of closing time, the last thing the shop staff want is any wally walking in five minutes before the shop closes (you really would not want to know what they think of you). Just remember the long hours shopworkers work, that they too want to get home and be with their families.

Right off for a cuppa, bit more cutting, and some drooling over my new kit...

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