Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

A Happy Christmas to one and all... only a few hours to go, according to NORAD, Santa is now working his way thru Europe! The NORAD site is great, for kids big and small. Love that it was all the result of a 'happy accident' that someone wrongly addressed a letter and bingo, NORAD is suddenly and happily involved in tracking Santa round the world, and keeping kids happy. Brilliant!

I started my Xmas Eve at work, it was just us 3 staff, laying bets on who would be waiting outside our doors at 9.30, we weren't disappointed, the usual and sad, very sad, gang who are all capable of working for a living but who instead choose to leech of us tax payers - they annoy the heck out of us! But we had sweet revenge, first we were only open till 12.30 pm, second our main server was out of action... diddums, that meant they (the saddoes) had to be proactive and book their own computers. One of our regular saddoes had not bothered to read our closing time poster, which has been dotted round library since beginning of November. Oh the delight in telling him as he settled down at a computer at 12.05 pm that the PC would automatically log him out at 12.15! JOY! He'd been hanging round library for an hour, so it was double joy that he could NOT log on to his disgusting chat rooms. Rest of morining passed off peacefully enough, most folk were out acting as tho they'd just realisd it was CHRISTMAS - just where do these people live, in a vacuum? I had to sadly venture to the shopping centre, now packed with people (those who'd realised it was Christmas) and orrible kids, who had obviously been told to go get lost by parents... I had to get some stick on ribbons and primrose evening oil, the latter keeps me on an even keel, very, very necessary at this time of year.

Then home to a slobby afternoon, watched My Fair Lady, yee ha, finally got to indulge meself in an old film... wrapped last few presents, two were wrapped in two sheets of paper that cost me £4.00, the pack consisted of some fab paper, but there was literally just two sheets - I must have been having a mad moment when I bought the kit. Neighbour dropped in, as she does every year, with bottle of wine for me... I decided to make her a 2008 exploding box, she'll spend New Years eve with us, and I have to let in her New Year. Think she'll like the exploding box.

Oh well, not long now, and not long til Boxing Day, then I can finally relax and enjoy myself.

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