Sunday, 2 December 2007

Was that the weekend?

Think I'll start a campaign for 4 day weekends, starting on Friday and going thru til Monday. I mean 2 days is just not enough, or in my case this weekend, 1.5 days.

But have started to personalise this blog, thank you Firefox, you did what IE7 just wouldn't - that is to allow me to start making this place more my own. I'd twiddled and fiddled with settings all weekend, could I persuade IE to play ball - NO! So knickers to IE7, onwards and upwards with Firefox.

Has been a horrible day weatherwise, tho realised that the BBC forecast is about an hour out, there I was, languishing in bed, as one does at 5.30 a.m., watching News 24 (in hope it would send me back to sleep, which is did!) and forecaster was trolling thru his forecast, which said it should be raining where I was, which is wasn't, but at 6.30 a.m., it did start chucking it down! Was still at it at nine, when I finally rose to greet the world, so out went my intended constitutional along the beach. Yes I am a wimp when it comes to braving the elements, I am a fair weather walker. Must remember to post some pics of our Iron men, shortly they will be sporting Xmas party gear....

So afternoon was spent finishing off big sister's Xmas card order, just putting in inserts, then on to Mum's Xmas card order, 15 down, 20 to go.... then there's my own to finish off! Oh for a pause button!

But my To Do list for November is at least complete, got swap card done and dusted

The theme was 'what are you lacking?' as you can see, in my case it was 'ideas'! So took the question mark that kept on popping up in my head and put it on a card! Used my compass cutter for the top bit, then cut two straight lines, then using a neutral versamark pad, stamped thru cut out, then sprinkled 'silver tinsel' on it, then added a few more peel offs, so came up with lacking: money, ideas, inspiration etc. Had been threatening to do an eclipse card, as in a black card with just the corona of the eclipse! Did try that, didn't really work.... :-(

But card is done, letter that goes with it is done, will pop it in post on Tuesday, along with Xmas card. Well it is going to Oz.

Wonder if, having now switched to firefox I will see the thumbnail images on Crafts beautiful?

Half watching CSI on Five US, fab to see again old episodes, Grissom is the best of the lot.

Well been a long evening, faffing with IE7 - sort it out Microsoft! Off to chill with a cuppa


Cazzy said...

Here that Cass, got a typo in one of your links so it doesn't work!

Cass said...

Thanks Cazz! Didn't spot that, have corrected it now.