Wednesday, 26 December 2007

So that was Christmas

Just got back from Wales, okay I've been back for several hours, but only just moved away from my craft table! Xmas Day started with a kind of 'ugh' feeling, didn't really want to be travelling to Wales, but hey ho, that's what you do - keep all happy. But the morning was pleasant, a very relaxing time, opening pressies, then spot of maintenence on hair and body, topped off by a full English,then off to Wales. It was a bright sunny day, but it had been raining, so I was getting a bit of that light spray on the windscreen, so imagine my mood when on pumping the window washer nowt happened! I had to try four more times before finally I could 'see'. Got to sisters, ordered glass of wine from BiL, knees were bothering me, back was aching and I was in a grumpy mood, which I decided to banish. Got nowt against my sister, her DH or their children (all now grown up) but just wished to be sat at home eating my Xmas dinner. My sociability lasted till 11pm, by then my back was killing me, and I longed to just put on my slobby pants and top, instead I bid all a goodnight and went to bed. Woke up at 3.30 a.m trotted to loo (yep too much information) but on return noticed a large, LARGE spider on ceiling! I don't like killing spiders, but nor do I like spiders, at home I have a spider catcher, they are caught at dumped outside and told NOT to return (they get two chances before it is 'splat' time). But I had no spider catcher, so sorry but spider on ceiling which moved to wall got splatted. Then I fell back to sleep. Was looking forward to today. Reason: family had all bought me Hobby Craft vouchers, so I had £100 to spend! And yep, they were open. Left my sisters at 10.30 and headed for Hobbycraft in chester. Tis wonderful to be able to wander and pick stuff up without worrying wether you can afford it. I was sensible, had made a list, so got myself an all singing and dancing paper cutter (one from Tescos is naff), new one perforates, scores and cuts wavy lines, and also cuts round corners, sadly it does not make tea... oh well can't have everything. Got a nice cheery assistant, we exchanged Xmas day stories, she'd drunk to much, I'd not eaten or drunk much... I actually go off food this time of year, too much of it about, must be the only person who manages to 'lose' weight at Xmas.

So came home laden with goodies, cutter, perfect pearls (have no idea what to do with them!), some rub on stuff, pretty brads, some scrapbooking stuff, brads and odds and sods, all that came to £62 -did I care, nope, handed over vouchers, and still got £40 left. Plus money from making cards this year, which I saved, so got another £150 to spend.

Spent a happy afternoon investigating my QVC TSV, the last one, exploding boxes, waterfall cards. Made a box for my neighbour, every year she gives me a present but won't take one in return. But she comes to us on New Years Eve, along with her lump of coal and other New Years bits, I have to let in her new year, so thought she'd like the box. Going to make two more for my god daughter and my mum tomorrow. Got the place to myself! Yippee, me wine and box of pringles... tons of craft stuff, did I mention my xmas pressie? A papermania case stuffed with scrapbook stuff.. . what more could a craft wish for, a day to themselves to craft to their hearts content!

Christmas.... the anticipation is far better than the outcome! `Tho I did have a happy day, in fact we all did, kids played with ipods, downloading tunes, us adults messed with wine, crackers and got on kids nerves (just like that haribo advert!). But there is nowt like home.

New link is the Norad link, which every parent should book mark, the site tracks Santa as he makes his way across the world delivering pressies, some lucky souls seem to 'catch' sight of him. It is for big and little kids... so take a look next year!

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