Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hey up what was that floating from the sky?

Er a snowflake, in fact a lot of snowflakes... ooer... My car is slowly disappearing under a blanket of snow.

But had a nice surprise as I put the stuff in the recycling box, I found a parcel, postie must have put it there yesterday or Friday. It was my other QVC goodie! It was the papermania baby boy kit, and boy was it packed with lovely stuff, and you can see from photo.

I was able to get on with the baby boy exploding box, had a great time putting all the finishing touches to it. Just need the photos now and it will be done! The stuff was gorgeous, a tiny crocheted nappy, and pair of dungarees, some baby pins... I'll post some other photos of the inside over the next few days.

Was not so happy with tennis result, how dare they say that Nadal is on a par with Federer? One thing is for sure, he won't last as long. I stopped watching when it got to the last few games, sorry but I wasn't going to watch nadal jump up and down. I hate his snarling face.

So we're in for some snow, well a lot of snow. Looks like I'll be stuck inside for a few days. Nearly came a cropper in the shower, I slipped as I got in, luckily I grabbed hold of the rail... but it was a dodgy moment.

Stay safe all, have fun in the snow... thanks for stopping by.

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Rachel said...

I love the exploding box, I must do one myself...I haven't tried it yet...take care in the snow..