Wednesday, 31 December 2008

And that was 2008

Just four hours of this miserable year left. I've had years when things didn't start off so great, or had a hitch in the middle, but never have I experienced one like this where it all kept on going wrong, just one thing after another, and we ain't talking minor stuff.

This time last year our neighbour had just come in to join us, just as she had done for the last few years. Then just after midnight I'd walk her back to her flat, just next door, but it had become a ritual for me to let in her new year. She'd give me a piece of coal, bread and silver coin, I'd have to welcome in the new year to each room. Frankly I just feeling like curling up in bed and ignoring New Years Eve.

But throughout this year there has been one thing that kept recurring, acts of kindness. They'd come from friends, or total strangers. Other surprises too, like getting back together with some old friends, that felt really good.

Have no idea what 2009 has in store, not sure if I would want to. I am about to venture down a new path.

Happy New Year to you all, may be full of laughter, graced by love and peace, and may whatever dreams you hold come true.

All the best for the coming year.


Cazzy said...

I hope this year is much better for you Cass.

Cazzy xx

Blimey said...

Happy 2009, Cass. Hope it's a good year for you this time.