Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well at last someone has had the guts to tell me I'm crocked. Physio admitted that knee would never go back to normal, it may improve a little - if I am lucky. They all seem very keen on stressing that it is a miracle I am walking. Well I accept that, but I'm limping, in pain and not able to walk far, or without a stick/crutch.

So next to be pinned down will be my surgeon, he can drop the happy act and tell me the plain truth. I'm not happy that he manipulated the knee during my last op, he didn't have my permission to do that, I'd agreed only to him removing the wire.

Been a mish mash day, popped up to retail park after visiting work, found out that the new M&S is open, so went home to tell mum, thinking she'd want to go. Well the access is easy. But no... I give up! But did have loads of stuff to sort out for chucking out and charity shop. So got stuck into that, amazing what we accumulate! As usual found myself dithering over clothes, but decided to be ruthless. So it was out with anything that hadn't seen the light of day in at least 2 years. Of course found a few things I thought I had chucked out! Cleared out cloakroom of useless bits and bobs, like useless lamps, ariel cable... and other assorted rubbish. Now need to sort out bedroom, and get rid of the rubbish in there and so make more room for craft stuff. Wondering whether to get rid of bookcase and get a cupboard? Hoping at some point to get some new bedroom furniture.

Need to really sit down and sort out cards, and make more. My giving up thing for Lent is to give up buying Craft mags just cos I'm bored. Sick of being stuck with stuff that I'll never use.

And the weather is funny, was warm today! So had to search for something other than a jumper to wear. Why can't we have a winter, a spring, summer and autum? Not mix of all four in a month/day/week? It would make dressing a lot easier.

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Cazzy said...

Well at least you know now, I hope the pain lessens though. I have just had my knee x-rayed and hip, got to see if they can see anything in a week and a bit.

I so know what you mean about the mags, I have loads on subs and hardly look at some of them.

Cazzy x