Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fed up and in need of a kvetch

Think we'd all agree it is nice to be appreciated and that it is not nice being someone's punch bag. Today I hobbled off to supermarket, to do a biggish shop, left mum getting her hair done. So an hour of hobbling round supermarket, knee becoming more painful by the minute. As a cheer up I got a craft mag, Get Crafting, or whatever it is called, and a crossword book. Loaded up car with four bags, not that much shopping, just split it up so bags would be lighter. And headed off home.

And when I got home? There was no offer of help with bags, mum and hairdresser remained rooted to seats. So I struggled to get four bags from car to front door, then up stairs, using stairlift. Did anyone offer to make me a coffee - No.

Then unpacking the bags I couldn't find my magazines... had I left them at the shop? I checked the bill and nope, I'd not been charged for them, so the checkout assistant mustn't have put them thru... Damn and double damn... had been looking forward to having a play with the stuff in the magazine. Will try again tomorrow, got another hospital appointment, eye clinic this time the one I've been trying to attend since last September! But after that I'm not bothering with any more hospital stuff, I've had enough. Well except for knee appointments, all else can get lost, including the physio. Don't see the point of me schleping to physio for a ten minute session with physio, five of which are spent with her asking me how I'm doing, three others are spent with me showing her what I can and can't do, and the last couple spent advising on more excercises. A very expensive waste of petrol and my time. Just sick of being poked and prodden, and patted on the head being told how well I'm doing, and being lied to, and having hopes built only to be then dashed.

So I was feeling fed up, and to compound matters mum had a pop at me for not eating a now black banana, well I don't like them when they are that ripe, but she does - so what was the problem? I really felt like snapping back. I was glad I had missed the majority of her usual bitching about her post op recovery... wish she would change the record. It is now really boring. So I went off to craft, didn't feel much like talking to her. She was supposed to be going out to lunch, but decided not to... this is the woman who moans about being stuck in! Can't win.

Think she didn't help things last night when I heard her say to someone : Oh, she's (me) fine... er... hey? So hobbling around, being in pain, still using a crutch, and eating painkillers, not being able to bend knee or walk properly is 'doing fine'! Think she needs her glasses changed. Her sympathy it seems only extends to herself. Not sure what has happened to the mum I used to know, but I wish she'd come back.

So I made a couple of cards, and half started a 3rd. Found use at last for the lovely papers in let's get crafting, the flocked ones. Used the purple one for the above card, and then used some corner peel offs in an arrangement. Didn't intend to do that, just felt the card needed something extra.

Sorry, needed that... feel much better now.

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