Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Whot a nerve!

I got my car renewal insurance quote today and they wanted another £100 from me! No way Jose.... I went off and got a few quotes from different firms, and then one from my present insurer, all were over a £100 cheaper. So phone insurance company, nice chap checked all my details, they were identical, but he couldn't explain why one quote was so much more expensive than the other. Then he offered to knock off £20. Nope, not good enough so says I'm off to RAC, instantly he says I should talk to another advisor... five minutes later they matched the cheaper quote. Result!

They have done this before, and I've responded in same way, and always with same result. They either think we're lazy or dumb.

Also did spot of gardening, well what passes for a garden, a collection of pots. They were all looking very tatty and neglected, so I went to work with my secatuers, don't know what I'm doing, but all the plants survived last year. In fact one came back really healthy and bushy. Just got the roses to do now. Managed to brush up all the mess, brush doubled as crutch! After all that I felt I'd earned my pancakes. Wasn't going to bother, but popped over to corner shop and got a packet mix. I had mine with maple syrup - deeeelicious.

Pic - LMC card. Sort of inspired by one of the die cuts from the kit, cut a blue card in half, and a pink card, then cut out some strips, I used my corner punch to round off the tops of the strips. Then arranged them to make a basket, filled it with the eggs and a flower or two, then twisted another strip of blue card to make the handle, and finished off with one of the tags, a ribbon and a dragon fly.

Now got to think what to give up for Lent... maybe give up giving up?

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