Monday, 2 February 2009

Exploding boxes

I will admit when I first heard about exploding boxes they did sound complicated. I made my first one in 2007, in fact I went on to make 5. I made 3 small boxes and two larger boxes.

Once I'd realised it was no more involved than measuring 3 x3 squares, and a bit of scoring it was easy.

To make one you'll need four sheets of cardstock, for bigger boxes it is best to use 12x12 sheets. I like to use colours from the same palette, for the baby box I chose 3 different blues, one, the inner layer is pearlescent card, as is the lid. But colours are up to you.

You just need to decide what size your box is going to be, the baby box is 10x10 cm, that is the first layer, you then go down half a cm each time, and for the lid you go up half a cm, and have flaps of 2cm, tho this is up to you.

Once you've cut all your layers you can decorate them, remember you are working 'upside' down on the insides of the box. Do decorate it before you stick it together, makes life easier. Some people choose to use photos, I will be adding photos in the baby box. But you don't have to.

A quick search on google will bring up templates for exploding boxes, but don't slog thru all the sites, type in your search string and then click on images, then go thru them!

And yep, we have lots and lots of snow...

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