Saturday, 14 February 2009

Not a happy bunny

Not had a good few days, done no crafting. Did spend today messing with the robo, decided to scan in some of the templates from You Can Craft, but they all needed to be cleaned up first. Got a couple sorted out, and found some nice iris templates as well.

Unhappy with mum, heard her yesterday telling my sister that I'd be back at work next week! Have no idea where she got that idea from. But from way she was talking anyone would think I was fully fit! I wish. Think she is so wrapped up in her own self pity that she's not bothering to notice anything else. And also fed up of her crashing around the flat with that bloody trolley. She's knocked chunks out of just about everything... she just crashes into stuff. She nearly crashed into me, I was in the kitchen, by the sink and she came in and just kept coming, had no idea where she expected me to go. She pushed the trolley up close to me, all very unnecessary! I was scared she'd hit my knee. I wish she'd never got that trolley, I'm sure she'd be walking by now if it hadn't been around.

Hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow, not sure what I want to make. Or should I do some scrapbooking? Looking forward to the T&D special tonight, I do remember them winning that gold medal. I went to see them not long after they turned professional and saw them perform Bolero, it was magical. Tho i also liked their matador dance.

Pic is of a card I made a while ago, a springy card, fairly easy to make, well once you've figured it out. I saw a kit on QVC, but didn't fancy the actual kit, so did some guess work as to how they were made. Used a papernation pet decoupage. Should really start sending these things into magazines, maybe like Cazzy I can get some freebies!

All for now

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Cazzy said...

You need to arrange a trolley napping incident!