Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sleepless and unsettled....

Had an awful nights sleep last night, or rather a night with very little sleep. I felt decidedly yucky, as if coming down with a cold, and then kept on tossing and turning. A cup of hot choc seemed to do the trick at 3 a.m.

Woke up again at 6 a.m., meant to take silly tablet, which involves not eating for 30 minutes after taking it. But was in bad need of a cuppa, so stuff tablet. Then fell into a lovely sleep!

Am in a better mood, well it could only get better. Had plenty of exercise taking down the rubbish, 4 trips in all, so 4 trips up and down stairs...

Then off to hospital for eye appointment. The place was packed and there was a long queue, had visions of being there all afternoon. It was 30 minutes before I even got to see receptionist, they must be the worlds slowest! There seemed to be no compunction on their part to get us patients booked in on time. I had arrived early, as I always do. I was fed up by time it was my turn. Luckily waiting to book in was the longest bit, after that it all took just twenty minutes. Saw same doctor I saw 6 years ago, she reckons I have an over cautious optician, I am inclined to agree. She didn't find anything, and declared my eyes to be in good health. Well at least one part of me isn't falling apart! Optician thought I had the beginning of glaucoma, odd since there is no history in family.

Then went to supermarket to see if I could get the magazines I 'didn't buy yesterday... still wondering where they are! Still on end of checkout? Bit miffed as there was another customer behind me, so wondered why she didn't say anything. Oh well... the mystery will never be solved. But this supermarket didn't have any of the mags, and only Let's Get Crafting, and i wanted the other one, sorry LGC, not interested in beading. So off to shopping precinct near work, would have called in at work but my two friends weren't working. Smiths did have the mags, phew. Had a look in M&S, but it is now an outlet store... so not a lot of choice. Could do with some new clobber. Wonder if knee is up to a spot of shopping?

Pic - my swap card, so hope my swap partner doesn't drop by! The group has decided on a different type of challenge this year, we all have to send stuff out to the others, then we have to all try and make a card with the various bits. I was challenged! Had some lovely stuff, but really wanted to use the skeleton leaf in some way, tho the card supplied was a bit too small. Then had the idea of making the leaf into a kite... with a few snips of the scissors, used one bit not in supplied kit, and that was the glittery wavy line, to represent the string. Felt rather pleased with my inventiveness!

And looking forward to playing with stuff from mag tomorrow, going to get robo to do some cutting for me. There are some lovely cards in the mag... and some nice bits in it to. And rediscovered a local craft shop! Will a wander down there at some point soon.

So a happy day, tho not weather wise, it was cold, gloomy and very grey, been trying to snow as well!


Blimey said...

Fab Swap card, Cass. Wish I'd been as inventive with my lovely leaf!

Cass said...

you are inventive... mine was out of desperation!