Saturday, 7 February 2009


It was cold this morning, inside that is. Found out why, for some reason my mother had turned DOWN the heating!

Well there was nowt for it, but to duck back into bed till flat was warm. Then it was up, out and at em.

First task, go get parcel from sorting office. Now I think Amazon and post office deserve praise for getting the mail thru in this awful weather. I'd only placed my order on Wednesday! Now I can update Norton, and save myself nearly 15 quid. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how much they wanted for me to renew my antivirus program - 40 quid! And that was for the basic package. Blooming cheek, so off I goes to Amazon and picks up a brand new copy of Norton 2009 for 26.99, so yah boo sucks to Norton.

Called in to work, it was very quiet. But managed to have a good natter with a few colleagues, and choose some books. Caught up on the gossip, sadly tho it is juicy I can't share as I'd get into trouble! Was going to toddle to shopping precinct, but wind was biting so I headed home.

Decided to finish off the box I'd started for my mum's 80th birthday. It has an art deco theme to it, as she likes art deco. Had a good rummage in stash and again came up with stuff I'd forgotten I had. Memo to self: tidy up stash! Clipped all the corners with my new tool, feel it gives a really professional finish. So another box is done. Now have to make one for a friend who will graduate this year.

We could have snow tomorrow, we did get a bit during the night, but it had gone by morning.

Hope you're all safe and warm.

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