Thursday, 5 February 2009

What day is it?

Woke up early this morning, did the usual of taking tea and toast back to bed, and of course I went back to sleep! Woke up to find that it had been snowing... we had a light dusting. But it didn't last, it turned to sleet and the white stuff was soon gone.

Found myself making a curry at 9.30 a.m., well it is tastier if left to infuse for a few hours. But as I was chopping stuff I had this vague feeling I should be somewhere... if it was Friday I should be at the hairdressers, it couldn't be Friday, could it? Had to go look at calendar, phew. Thursday. Mmm, could have hospital appointment, or is that next week, and for that matter when is nephew's birthday!

All the days are blurring into one. Funny how you lose track of things when you're not at work. Did remember my niece's birthday, tho not sure how well it went, as it was the derby match, and her partner is a big Evertonian. I was mightily pleased with the result. Anything to upset Rafa. Ooooh but it was cold. Tottered over to surgery to pick up prescription, I'd had big plans of a bit of a walk for today, but it was just far too blooming cold to go walking anywhere. Forecast says we'll have a bit of sunshine tomorrow, hope so, at least the sun makes you feel brighter.

My moods are swinging from being down to being upbeat. Think tho I am kidding myself if I think I can go back to work. I can barely walk without a stick. Can't see things improving much either. I've done and am doing all my exercises, and then some. Some of the muscle has returned but the knee just feels very unstable. It's also blooming painful. I may hit my surgeon next time I see him, well if he is in his upbeat mood, think I would prefer the truth about my knee, and sod this: it will be fine lark. He was not surprised that I was still using a stick to get around, nor did he discourage me from using it, then to a junior junior he said that it was a miracle that I was walking at all... so what is going on pal? Methinks I'm going to be emotive, mention a few things... and get an appointment with him, rather than the clinic stuff where he is overloaded.

Have been crafting, but what I've been crafting is a secret, so I can't put up any pics or say anything about it! Have been busy all afternoon and having a lovely time.

thanks for stopping by... mmmm memo to self, you are at hairdressers tomorrow!

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Lisa Olson said...

Beatuiful card, very elegant. I love you kitty so cute.