Monday, 9 February 2009

I nearly...

Slipped on ice! Had to go for appointment with OH at work, so parked in car park and made my way thru mini garden, it has a steep incline, halfway up I realised that there was a sheet of ice... pavement had been gritted but the dozy workmen hadn't thought to grit the incline. I just about made it.

OH appointment was waste of space. Either me or the nurse hasn't got the hang of it, I'm sure she should be advising me instead of just asking me what is going on. Nor have they accessed my medical records, surely that would be useful? Felt rather angry at just having wasted a hole hour, plus my mood wasn't good to begin with, on way there I encountered roadworks everywhere! No matter which road I chose to use there were men digging bloody holes, or rather no workmen in sight, just the roads coned off.

Did tell my boss, who then told her boss, about OH, they want me to make an official complaint. I feel it would be better to hold off till the next one and then confront her with what she should be doing, and then see if she actually does something useful. If not, then yup it will be a complaint. Talking of complaints I also must start to look into making a claim against the council.

Have uploaded a new pic, a saw of take on the scraplift from yesterday. Just added a few different bits, the papers are all Sarapapers. Well except for the green card, that was from a QVC kit, K&Co I think. Do need to add to my papers tho, realised haven't got much in the way of basics, greens and browns...

All for now, need to go put up knee, it is very sore today... no idea why. Oh did give the exploding baby boy box to its recipient, she was chuffed with it. Got a nice feeling from her reaction, well that is what it is all about!

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