Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The mood I'm in!

Yeah well it was a bad hair day, in fact it was a bad hair day yesterday... I washed the mop yesterday and tamed it. But this morning it was all over the place, took me 45 minutes to get it in some sort of order.

Then off to high street, to post office to pay some bills. Our high street is now depressing since Woolies closed. Hardly a hive of activity, and far too many blooming restaurants, bistros and wine bars. Us residents did complain, but did the council listen, nope, so now we have wall to wall eateries. No doubt most will go during the credit crunch.

Post office was as dead as a dodo, trade must be slow as assistant ran thru a list of what the post office does these days... afraid I'd done all I wanted to do, paid the bills, got my stamps. And had the Post office left our little sub office alone I wouldn't have had to schlep to high street! Progess... I think NOT! And why did they employ that plonker from the FA, what does he know about the Post Office? Honest it is soft jobs for the unsuitable... but well connected. It does seem to me that if you screw up, aren't quailified, ruffle a few feathers, or cause trouble then you get looked after, get what you want and retain your job. If you are dumb enough to turn up every day, do your job well, be honest, go that extra mile and show ingenuity then you can expect to be dumped on.

I was brought up with a work ethic, but when I look around me I just see the skivers, those who have leeched off society for the last 20 plus years. None are doing badly, some are working on the sly... while muggins here has been trying to earn an honest crust. When the 10p tax band was abolished I protested, actually e-mailed a couple of MP's. One said that help would be available. So i tried to access it, tried to see if I was eligible for tax credits, am I heck. For health reasons I cannot work full time, so I work part time, the tax credits would have made a big difference, but it was a catch 22 situation... or in other words, jump thru all these hoops and we'll still stop you.... Who is the dumb one here, me or the neighbours across the way, who have all mod cons and have not worked for the last 30 years?

As for those bankers, well put a 'w' where the 'b' is and that sums up what we all think of them. Greed was what they were, and they don't deserve one penny... any money for bonuses should go back to us shareholders, the public.

Ooh I feel sooo much better now.

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