Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Yeah I made it to a craft shop!

Tho quite why I am excited I'm not sure... but still at least I got out of the house for a few hours. Luckily the snow we had last night didn't hang around, and by morning it had all gone. Could hear all the kids groaning at the bus stop!

So I managed to walk to post box, and to surgery to put in prescription. And then I decided to go get some food supplies, in case snow comes back, and instead of turning left to go home, I turned right and headed for the Range.

Also wanted to test knee, driving before they took out the wire had been painful, especially over a distance. I've noticed I am okay driving just a couple of miles, but today I drove 12 miles and yep, it began hurting. The pain makes me really crabby, it is when I start swearing at other drivers for being idiots, not moving fast enough, or not getting away from a green light... mind you that last bit annoyed me before I hurt my knee. And as for the wally that cut me up at the roundabout... well the air went dark blue! I had stuck to my line, it was the wally in the van who was at fault, he'd drifted over to my lane.

Anway, I did get to the range, and did get a few things. Tho they didn't have any photo glue! Each time I go the craft department seems to have been reduced... I did manage to get some nice 12x12 card stock, one pack was pearlescent card. And got a corner punch, by X cut, never seen it before, not your usual shoe type shaped punch, but more corner shaped, and a lot cheaper than the others. Well I am sick of carting out my old paper cutter, which has the rounded corner cutter on it, if it cut paper properly I'd still be using it, but it is useless as a paper cutter. Also decided that I want a purple cow paper cutter for my birthday... I digressed, as usual. Tried out the corner punch when I got home, it is easy to use and punches very neatly. Sadly didn't find any spare blades for my craft knife, what is it with X cut, why can't I find any spare blades? My old Craft Central had them! Also got a copy of the Do Crafts mag, some nice freebies on front, and some nice templates inside. But that was it, nowt else tempted me at all. They were trying to get rid of the excess Xmas stuff, and had the usual dump bins full of unwanted stamps... so came home and watched QVC, and not tempted by anything on that either. But did learn that next craft day is 26th Feb. Plus Tim Holtz is on the show on 17th Feb.

Posted another pic of box, this shows the lovely papermania baby boy stuff I got from QVC. Still got tons left.

Well CSI is starting, time to close down.... ttyl

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