Wednesday, 4 February 2009

An odd day...

Bit of a mish mash of stuff really. Also having difficulty in getting up these days, my new bed is just far too comfy. Was so warm and toasty this morning, sort of woke up at about 6.30, and wondered whether to make the effort to get up and make a cuppa, and fell back to sleep. Woke up again at 7.30 and this time I did make breakfast, a lovely bowl of porridge, and a cuppa. All enjoyed in bed.

I did eventually drag myself out of bed, reluctantly. I was seriously tempted to just stay there. Had a wierd shower, one minute it was hot and next it was cold... then put in a load of washing, left mum to do her ablutions, it takes her about an hour. Oh that isn't anything to do with her sore hip, no, she goes into her bedroom, starts doing a crossword and generally puts off getting washed and dressed. After that I gave the bathroom a good clean. And did my exercises, would love to report that they are getting easier, but I seem to have got stuck on one level. Doing straight leg lifts is still agony, tried another exercise, as suggested by physio, but kneecap began clicking and moving so stopped, it was ugh. Can't explain the feeling, but I really didn't want to carry on the exercises.

Mum toddled off to GP surgery, I was almost tempted to say I'd go with her, but felt she should do it on her own. She had her mobile. I thought it would do her good to be a bit more independent. It isn't far, about a five minute walk for a healthy person, last time mum tried it (to go to shop, which is on same block) it took her 45 minutes. Most of that was taken up with her huffing and puffing, very unnecessarily in my opinion. This time she got there in 15 minutes. See she can when she wants to! I am still tho very frustrated with her, she will NOT stand up on her own, she has to lean heavily on something, even tho she doesn't need to. It drives me nuts, cos when she worked with her physio mum made a point of standing up unaided, even taking a few steps, but moment physio disappears, mum stops standing on her own. She would find life a lot easier if she stopped hauling herself around the kitchen. She has two working legs, but just won't use them. I'm resisting saying anything as i hope the penny will drop at some point. I also would like to take away all the aids, the trolley, zimmer etc, and say to her: get on with it. I think she has become too reliant on them.

So while mum was out, I got on with making a card for my card swap, and adding a few more bits to my exploding box. Also trimmed the rounded corners with my new punch, by X cut, a rounded corner punch, brilliant and so easy to use. Not your usual boot shaped punch.

Can't put up pic of card, recipient may tune into blog. But I was surprised by what I came up with, I had no idea where I'd go with the bits and bobs. Even now I'm wondering how I came up with my eventual idea, more of a happy accident, I intended something totally different.

Also had a weird experience last night, was asleep and was then woken up by someone groaning.. . not a living person, at least I don't think so. Will have to wait and see what that means, last time I had that experience someone died.

Have to get back to match.

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Lisa Olson said...

ow IU love your exploding bog, what a great Idea to do it for a newborn I had never thought of that before. Thanks for sharing.