Friday, 20 February 2009

cheer up time!

Nothing else for it, was in need of a cheer up. So went out for lunch, after dumping all the clutter at tip... then on to new M&S on retail park. Not sure about the credit crunch in these here parts, car park was full to bursting. I treated myself to two new tops and a nice pair of jeans. I could have spent loads, they had some really nice things in there... Mum was also happy, well once we'd persuaded her to go, the last few weeks she's been moaning about not being able to get to the shops, but when finally she can get to one she doesn't want to! Sis and I chose a new outfit for her, got some bright colours, orange stripey blouse, pale coloured green trousers and a nice neutral cardi (which I can also wear!), she got all bothered about the price... but a bit more arm twisting and we got her to the pay desk.

Best bit was that BiL went off to amuse himself at PC world and the other electronic gadget shops. So he was happy, and we were happy. A win win situation. Store wasn't too big either, one in town is massive, over 3 floors, you get fed up looking for stuff. It's also more geared to the young, this new one is catering for all.

So feel happier with my mini retail therapy bout. It would be really nice if a craft shop opened up on the retail park, even a Hobbycraft, even tho they're not my favourite place. I've only got local shops to choose from, and although they're very friendly they just don't have the range of porducts.

Now enjoying a glass of wine... best way to kick start the weekend.

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