Saturday, 28 February 2009

I did it!

Made my own pyramage! I had tried using Photoshop, but the stupid program kept resizing the shape... so I used Publisher. Here's how:

1. Choose your image
2. using publisher, open a blank page
3. Now insert your image
4. Next, copy and past the image four times (more if you want a bigger pyramage)
5. Using the rectangle, mark where you want to cut on three of the pictures (leave one as the base).
6 Print it out and start putting it together.

If you have an oval/circle cutter you could also use those, and simply print out the images.

I chose to make a garfield card for a friend, strictly personal use! I used my garfield cartoon maker to get the image. To give it a professional look I used my corner rounder cutter - best thing I ever bought! Background paper is from DCWV kit.

That was the nice part of the day, the horrible part was discovering that some low life had nicked the mirror glass from my wing mirror! I mean would you be bothered, it cost about 6 quid from halfords for replacement glass. Part of the problem with my car having bits removed, I've had to replace 2 arials and one wing mirror, is that the clown from across the road parks his campervan next to my car, so providing a shield for the vandals. I'm sick of him and them! Nex nasty bit came from mum, I took her to a larger supermarket, easier to park, more choice and it has a coffee bar, so if she got tired she could go have a sit down. Well the shopping bit went fine, she did get tired so I told her to go sit in coffee bar. Then we went home, and she saw I'd bought a loaf of bread... yep, a loaf of bread. She began moaning that we had plenty, yes we sort of did but I am not planning to go shopping till late next week, so best to get an extra loaf - right? Wrong! I bit back, to her shock, told her to stop being so damn miserable and narky. Then she moaned about only having one usable leg, so replied, so have I. That shut her up. She took herself out, I had been going to offer to take her, but decided not to, not if she was going to keep snapping at me for no reason.

So I amused myself making the pyramage and the card, made a few more as well - my friend can use them for her friends.

Can't believe it, it is 1st of March tomorrow!

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