Friday, 6 February 2009

My ears are cold

Went to get my hair cut today, they were training a new junior, I was his first 'hair wash', had to encourage him to do the massaging bit, but we got there in the end. He was a nice lad. One hour later and my ears had re-emerged, okay in salon where it was warm, but oooh, once outside! There was a brisk wind coming from the north.

Actually the junior did me a favour, my hairdresser is a superb cutter of hair, but if he is busy then things can get left, especially in the drying department. But cos he was showing junior stuff I got the works.... did like what he'd done, came out feeling much better.

Paid garage bill... off home, pick up mum and off to supermarket to face the ignoramuses again. A different lot, well it being a Friday. One elderly type thought she had first rights on preferential treatment, until that is I pointed out my crutch... she was not even using a walking stick, nor was her DH. In fact they looked to be in fine fettle. Another woman plonked her trolley right in front of mine, that was it, last straw, so I barged thru! Stuff em. Same went for the impatient driver who could see i was incapacitated yet tried to show me how angry he was... tough, cos I do 'the glare' better... think I won that one. I go into that supermarket feeling okay, and come out feeling ready to kill someone. I also appeared to be cruel to mum, leaving her to fend for herself. But I figured it was the only way to go, I'm not in fighting fit form, so she has to make more of an effort. So I abandoned her at the car, to go off to bank, leaving her to get herself to supermarket, which she did.

And no crafting again today, tho got lots planned for tomorrow. Hoping to catch up on some scrapbooking, plus putting photos in exploding box. First off got to go rescue parcel from sorting office... last week postie put parcel into shed... but got different postie this week, so found the card! At least when we had a morning delivery we knew when to expect the post, now it can arrive at any blooming time. I'm not blaming the posties, amazed frankly that they are still delivering the post. But their stupid bosses. I know what parcel is, Norton 2009, which I got at a ridicuously cheap price from Amazon. Well I was damned if I was going to cough up 40 odd quid to renew my antivirus licence with Norton. A friend told me to go look for a new version at a cheaper price, so I did, and saved myself nearly 20 quid. So raspberries to Norton.

Need a cuppa... need to stretch knee. It has been very wonky today, nearly gave way on me several times.

Stay safe and warm...

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