Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I may just...

Blow my top... with my mother! I just feel as tho I can't do right for doing wrong. Today I went off to supermarket to do the shopping, came back with a few bargains and some fresh flowers. Mum likes fresh flowers, so do I. Those in vases were almost past their best, so I thought: get some fresh flowers. And do I get thanked... no, get told that current flowers are fine, mmmm, so why do they have brown bits on them?

Then just as we are finishing lunch my brother turns up, to take mum for her appointment, she says he is too early, we both say he isn't, that he has turned up at right time... me and brother end up in the wrong! And just for good measure she once again moans about the surgeon replacing the wrong hip - he didn't, both needed replacing, he just thought he was doing the best thing by replacing the less damaged one. But she won't have it, and I'm sick of hearing her go on about it. In fact I am sick of all her moaning. I felt like telling her to go do the shopping, I'm happy to connec to internet, get her on the site and then leave her to it... but she'd come over all helpess. Twice this week she has cut people off the phone, the same phone she can use perfectly well the rest of the time. I wonder if it is the start of dementia or that she just won't make the bloody effort.

She was in for a shock when she came back, I'd done a load of the ironing, well it was either that or put up with her moaning again about ironing a huge pile of clothes! And then I began making dinner, a shepherds pie, sounds daft but I'd never actually made one. I knew the principles, but not the how bit... well how long it goes in the oven really. So I'd had a very busy afternoon. Both knees were sore as well, left knee has come out in sympathy with right knee. Getting round supermarket was agony. And I've HAD IT with those who think they have all the time in the world... you damn well haven't! Just vacate the checkout asap, do NOT hang around, faffing about... as the couple in front of me did. Could have strangled them both, he took forever to put back his debit card in his wallet, and she took even longer to put their points card back in her purse, and then put purse back in handbag! Grrrrrrrrr. I'd encountered them a few times on way round, they weren't easy to miss, she insisted on abandoning trolley in middle of aisle, then they got into discussion about every blooming item! Tip to them: make a list and stick to it.
And also a rant at motorists, if there is a one way system in place then use it! I am sick of idiots just ignoring the one way system in our supermarket, and who then try to glare at me - wrong move, I am good at glaring!

I'm shattered now, been on the go all day. Knee is very odd, got very odd lack of feeling at top of knee, can't explain it, but part of it feels numb, but there is one spot that is really painful, I can't even stand a newspaper resting on it.

Well craft day tomorrow, have already seen a few things I would like, and I've got a birthday coming up! Sorry family, but you're all buying me stuff from QVC :-) Xmas will not be repeated.

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