Thursday, 5 March 2009

Don't let me have any more daft ideas!

On monday my first daft idea was to wash the car, big mistake, paid for it the rest of the day and Tuesday. And was unamused to find that there was no 2 hour craft slot!

And today with the sun shining I decide to see if I can walk thru to high street, a shortish walk that in normal times takes me about 15 minutes... one hour later i got there. On way back knee started to buckle, so got bus home. That was also nerve-wracking, haven't set foot on public transport since accident. Luckily it was only a couple of stops. But have spent rest of day resting, knee is not happy... it would, I think, prefer me to leave it alone. Then had call from jobcentreplus, you can't make advanced claims for SSP, er why not, so they'll send me forms for me to enter all the details again, so that I can send them back next week... ah, don't you just love the civil service!

I was a point away from working for them, took the civil servant test a few years ago, and missed it by one point. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I mean you walk into these places and just know that you could do the job. But some twerp somewhere needs to know that you can do fractions, why for God's sake! I can do the basics and for all else do what everyone else does, use a calculator.

Anyways, when I do get my claim settled, it is a foregone conclusion, even they said so, I'll be on support... whatever that means. Be interesting given the state of the economy and all the thousands out of work. In meantime I wonder if they need to know i am facing more surgery!

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