Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well I hope it has and it isn't just here for the week. Mind you the light mornings keep fooling me, I wake up and think that it is quite late and it is only 7 a.m.

Today I wanted to go for a walk along the beach, but leg was sore from yesterday's driving. Plus it is quite a walk from our house to the beach. I'll try to get a walk tomorrow.

So I amused myself by finishing off the engagement exploding box. I picked up a few bits yesterday from Hobbycraft, the lovely hearts as seen in this photo, plus a few glittery bits and a pack of clear stamps. I love the phrases, I'll be able to team them up or use them on their own. Tho I did think they were 4.99, but when i got to the cash desk I found they were 14.99, but they're worth the money. They'll do nicely for the insides of cards.

Also had a go at the medallion kit, didn't realise it came with instructions, it was all numbered, tho you could also do your own thing. Made two cards, very pretty, they'd do as thankyou cards or notelets.

And can't put it off any longer, time to sort out the stash. I'm sure there is stuff in my craft store that I've forgotten I've got. And stuff that can be recycled to work, the girls are desperate for stuff for the kids. They told me the kids had a great time making cards with the last lot i took in. Well nice to know it was all being put to good use. Do have to confess most of it is from LMC, it isn't a mag I buy all the time, just as and when, tho this last year I've enjoyed the sub I got as my prize. But I really don't make many cards, I do more scrapbooking. Couldn't LMC do Let's Scrapbook?

Now got to motivate myself for tomorrow, got stuff to get in the mail for friends... and I will get it done!


Fe-Fe said...

We've had beautiful weather here too. It does make everything seem so much better when the sun shines and there is a bit of warmth in the air. I love spring!

Your expanding box is lovely. I'm sure your friend is going to love it.

Fe x

Cazzy said...

That box is gorgeous Cass.

Cazzy x