Monday, 9 March 2009


My team made it thru to the semis of the FA cup - way to go Everton! 14 years since we were last at Wembley, and who did we beat then: Man U! A repeat performance would be nice.

Not a bad Monday, made better by yesterday's result. Quite busy in fact, well in the morning. I do find it exhausting getting around, even in the car. Parking can be a nightmare, have to make sure I can open the door wide so I can get out. I have to push the seat back, then open the door, get crutch out, get me out, lock door then hobble slowly to shops. I was quite a speedy walker, so I find it annoying being passed by everyone. I did park a good walk away from supermarket, my new idea to get some fitness back into the bod.

Also picked up a copy of scrapbook inspirations, a friend of mine had a letter published in this month's issue. Quite exciting to see someone you know in print. Do hope she gets a nice goody bag.

Had a long chat with a friend last night, on skype. Quite getting the hang of it now, and it is nice not having to worry about the cost. She did an Angel reading for me, a few in fact, very interesting.

Pic is decoupage card I did yesterday, which is destined for a cat mad friend. Haven't done any decoupage for a while, just felt the urge yesterday to do some cutting. Very therapuetic, but it took my mind off the footie.

Filled in one form, now got another to fill in, may go to the CAB and ask them for help filling it in. Would prefer to get it right first time. Also want some advice on making my claim.

Got hospital appointment tomorrow, not sure if I want to tell surgeon that the other wire is working its way out, it will mean another operation, and another if the other wire gets any more unstable. But will be demanding the truth from him. Wish me luck! And luck also in getting a car parking space....

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