Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And still the sun shines :-)

Got no complaints about the weather, it has been positively springlike here. That golden ball in the sky does make you feel better.

Tho I'm also in springclean mode. I got the bulb for the fridge, now you can see what is inside! Good thing I gave it a good clean. Also got some cleaning stuff for grout, and attacked the bathroom tiles, well in stages, 10 minutes attacks. So that eventually looked all spruced up, just need to find something to fix the end of the bath... it is bugging me now. And today gave bedroom a good clean.

So tomorrow I may tackle rest of garden, picked up some heavy duty garden sacks. Roses need pruning, not that I have any idea how to prune a rose bush! But they are looking tatty and in great need of a trim.

Just realised that my family are a tad confused about my circs, mum got stuff confused as usual. I'm sticking with the advice from occy health, to hang fire on any application for redeployment. And in April I'll know if there is a job freeze on. I wish they'd all stop bugging me, my knee is stuffed so I can't go back to my old job, and until all the surgery is finished with I'm unemployable, well for whatever employment is out there which suits me. My options are now limited, a desk job would be okay, but the office would have to be on the ground floor, I would need the desk adapting, a foot rest... not all employers are amenable.

Must get cracking on a few cards, got a swap card to make, a scrapbook challenge to conjure up. Oh and my thankyou box to finish. Ooh just remembered got to post a card tomorrow! Must go find address.

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