Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring has been put on hold....

Brrr, what a turnaround in the weather? Last week it was bootiful, today was positively wintry. But that meant I could stay inside and do some crafting. Just felt in the mood today and hoped my new kit would arrive and it did! I got the flowers and butterflies kit from last week's QVC show. I went for the cream and white option, and it is lovely, I'd forgotten that you also got some glittery paper, nice bonus. But there was loads in the kit, lots of flowers in all shapes, some paper, some ready to stick on, then some glass flowers, and a whole load of other stuff in a nice storage container, plus butterflies.

So I couldn't resist, had to go play. Just made up two quick cards, also used my new stamp set. The one I got by mistake, but I'm now glad I did as it is coming in very handy. It has all sorts of lovely messages, just perfick for quick cards, or as a finishing touch.

Got some good news from a friend, she got on the course she wanted :-)) She was chuffed and I as chuffed for her. Nice to get good news.

Not taken by the TSV, a bit too shiny for me, I love kanban stuff tho, the quality is outstanding. Not seen anything else I like, tho there are still two craft shows to go.

Got stuff back from the old dhss, couldn't believe it, two letters, both asking for the same thing! It makes you wonder if they do know what they're doing. My mum's friend is still waiting for her pension to be sorted out, her husband died just after Christmas. Also had 3 pieces of contradicting advice, been told current sick note will suffice, then got told I would have to self certify, then told no I couldn't do that I'd have to get a new sick note. So what is the point of the SSP 1 form?

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