Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday 13th... Red Nose Day!

Well nothing has gone wrong so far, in fact the opposite. Had a good chat at occy health, got a few things sorted out. Then did a bit of shopping, and picked up a copy of Papercraft Inspirations to get the flock kit. Then had a cuppa and chat with workmates, well it did start raining as I headed to the car.

Couldn't wait to get going with the kit, seen them doing the flocking on QVC and C&C, but not wanted to splash out too much cash in case it wasn't for me. I got five pots of flock, and 3 sheets of DS stickers. I made up an Easter Card, only had problems with the lettering, it was a bit too fiddly to use, well the small stuff was. Haven't scanned the card yet, but was pleased with the results, the flock makes it very tactile.

Instead the pic is of the teenage decoupage, I used silicon to stick it all down, so i could bend the pieces. A bit fiddly to cut out, but worth it I think. The kit also came with backing papers. And just got the catalogue from Cardcraft plus... oh why do they have to be so far away? I'd love to go and have a mooch there, but 40 miles is too far for me to drive. Stuff in the catalogue is lovely, have to see if I get any birthday money.

My contribution to Red Nose day is - I'm sampling the red nose wine, and it is going down very nicely.

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