Saturday, 14 March 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Tho I am at the age when you prefer to forget what age you are. If I add both digits together they make 8, so go figure!

I've had a pleasant day, bit of a lie in, and then a DIY breakfast in bed, just can't get the staff these days. Then enjoyed opening my birthday cards, all made me chuckle. I was touched by the sentiments. As I headed to the bathroom the doorbell rang, and a nice man handed over a lovely bouquet of flowers, so i had a happy cry. They were from my workmates. They've been trying to find the right time to send me some flowers for months, but something has always cropped up, at my end. I felt really humbled and very tearful.

So onto lunch, at a local eaterie.. which I won't bother going to again. The food was excellent, but the place was empty and the menu somewhat limited. We were the only two customers in the dining room, yet we had to wait nearly 30 minutes for our meals. We were unamused. And the waiting on staff kept changing, one minute it was a young chap, next it was a waitress. Very odd. They were nice and they deserved their tip, but nope, not worth a second visit.

So I then decided to attempt to drive to Warrington Hobbycraft, a lot closer than the Chester branch. I'd forgotten about Warrington! But methinks it was a bit too far, knee is now complaining loudly. I hoped that it being a straightforward motorway drive I'd be okay, it is the stopping and starting that I find most painful. But having the knee locked into one position also proved rather painful. And it wasn't a good experience, they are refurbing the store, so there wasn't much on offer. I came away with some goodies, but also disappointed. There wasn't anything like the choice of the Chester branch, I did get a bargain, some ribbon, but really I was hard pushed to find stuff. And there were two kids running around, treating the store like a playground, I feared being knocked over at some point. Have no idea who the two boys belonged to, but why do parents let their children behave in such an irresponsible fashion? I well remember my own mother constantly telling me to behave myself if we were in a shop, nowadays kids just treat them like adventure playgrounds. Sounds harmless, but if a child is running around it is sure to end in disaster for someone. We get such behaviour in the library, the children and parent don't seem to be able to recognise the danger in such irresponsible behaviour.

So that was my '8th' birthday, not a bad one, weather not too bad, nice lot of cards, including one surprise...

Just had a few more glasses of red nose wine.... it sinks down far too easily! Hope your weekend has been pleasant so far, another day to go... and summer is round the corner.


Dee said...

Hi there, just popped over from PCJ's and see I've missed your birthday... so sorry! Happy Belated Birthday from me.

Hope your knee is a bit better today. :-)

Dee X

Cazzy said...

Happy belated birthday to you!

I love that you made yourself a card.

Cazzy x