Monday, 16 March 2009

What a bootiful day!

But guess we best make the most of it cos it isn't supposed to last. We had a lovely day, very mild and glorious sunshine. So I decided to hobble off to high street to post a couple parcels. Took me as long as it did last time, well a little longer as I sat down and watched the world go by for a few minutes. Just so nice being out in the sunshine.

This spring thing tho has made me want to clean things! I ended up cleaning the fridge, amazing what you find lurking at the back of shelves!

So after all that sat down to do some crafting, made up a gift for a friend, which has to be kept a surprise and the closer it gets to the reveal the harder it becomes. It's looking rather good. Started another exploding box, a thankyou to my work colleagues for the lovely flowers, and all the support they've given me. I remembered I've got a few photos of the crowd, so I may put some in the box.

Then just as I was tidying up I knocked over my brad box.... which has hundreds of brads in it! Luckily not all fell out, but they are all now in a mess. Will have to sit down and sort them out at some point.

So to do list for tomorrow: get new bulb for fridge (discovered that you can replace them), tidy up brads, smarten up bathroom - sick of waiting for the promise of help to be fulfilled. And watch QVC. That should keep me busy all day.

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