Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pyramage instructions

I am feeling a tad chuffed with meself. This had confounded me on photoshop, tho I am sure it must be possible. But switching to Publisher (or even Word) will work to make your own pyramage. I've put the instructions all on one page, you can right click on the pic and save it to file.

I got the image from clip art, something us cardmakers tend to over look, but there are some very good images, and some of it is copyright free. Also look on Google for copyright free clip art/photos.

Anyone with a robo could use that to cut the images out, but you'd need to do some work first on deleting unncessary cutting lines. So it may just be as easy to use a craft knife. Or if you have a cutting system you can use that and forgo using the boxes etc.

Made rest of cards up for my friend, of course I had to mess up the last one! Went for something fancy and it didn't work, I misaligned something and I'd used DST! Must get more photo glue.

Also used some fantastic plastic, well the stuff I got yonks ago from PC world, to my amazement it worked! So must get another pack and have another play with it.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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