Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another parcel, but not the one I wanted!

Been waiting all week for my mirror glass to arrive, they said it would be despatched within 48 hours... Maybe they're on a different time zone in Jersey.

In meantime my second QVC parcel arrived, my pack of mirri card. Couldn't believe it was still in stock, usually it gets snapped up. This is a pic of my new and posh craft mat. It did everything it promised to do. My other A3 mat isn't quite big enough for working on 12x12 card/paper, you just need that bit of extra space for measuring and cutting, which this gives you. And I love the extra half inch measurements which are all the way thru the mat... brilliant idea!

Another nothing day really, just some supermarket shopping, also got myself some photos of me, will need them for app for blue badge. Well if one doesn't try one will never know. I think I am sufficiently incapacitated to warrant one. Supermarket was busier than last week, and also got some Red Nose wine! Can't say I want a nose, but I'm all for supporting charity, especially when they use lateral thinking.

Spent yesterday messing with craft mat, and making up the kits for the next surprise swap. Came up with a novel way to make one of the shapes, but can't say much as one of the swappers may wander this way and that would ruin the surprise.

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