Thursday, 26 March 2009

spring has sprung a leak...

Typical, last week we were all enjoyint the balmy weather, this week we're all shivering. Far too foul to go or do anything today. Not even watching QVC amused me, tho did like a few of the kits, do get annoyed when they show you what can be done if you spend a fortune! Must have been a kanban hour, think nearly every kit came from kanban.

Did a bit more work on thankyou box, it is coming along nicely, just a couple of finishing touches and it will be done. Had been trying to do some chalking, but in spite of what it said on the box the brushes did bleed a dark colour onto my project! Wasn't happy, it had been going okay till I moved to the lighter colours. Or perhaps I wasn't really in the mood. Had a mini sort out of one of the drawers of my craft store thingy, need to sort out the paper and card drawer. it is full of stuff that could be stored elsewhere.

Feeling umpty, cheesed off, call it what you will. Think it is this blooming weather. Will have to get out and about tomorrow.

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