Saturday, 21 March 2009

It's Saturday already!

I mean it was Monday only a day or so ago, or that is how it feels... time passes whether you're having fun or not. But this week seems to have gone by exceptionally fast, blink and you may have missed it.

So after a week of lovely sunshine, warm temps what do I wake to this morning? Simples, grey sky and a bitter wind! Typical. Feel sorry for those who have been slaving away all week waiting for the weekend. It did eventually brighten up, at around 5.30 pm! I mean what use is that in spring?

Also woke to a disaster curtain wise, the net curtain in living room had decided to do its kamikaze act... so it was lying ever so elegantly on window ledge. It has taken a year to think about falling down, rest of curtains (touching wood) are still where they should be. Still that meant I had to go get some extra ultra hold sticky pads from somewhere this morning, as well as the bits of shopping. Half way to Homebase I realised I was turning into my mother, who always went shopping on Saturday morning! Stuff that... my Saturday mornings are definitely NOT being spent in a supermarket. The place is way to crowded anyway, so much so I travelled a bit further to find somewhere bigger and a bit quieter. Staff are also friendlier, same shop, but staff are much nicer. So got shopping, got flowers for mother's day, and got super sticky pads for net curtains. And picked up some grout, well grout pen was a bit of a washout, not as good as I thought it would be. And I am still in spring clean mode... it will wear off eventually. I hope!

After lunch did a quick spruce up of grout in kitchen, looked much better, then tackled a bit of the bathroom. Then went off to mess with my flock, nope, nowt to do with sheep, all to do with the kit I got. Love the flock, that is excellent, but dst stickers leave much to be desired. They're not good quality. Flock isn't sticking as it should. But did manage to make the card in picture, used some white card to make pic, then matted and layered it onto a green card. Flocking wasn't brilliant, even tho I did quite a bit of patting down. Will have to get some good quality DST stickers/peel offs and try it with them. And made my swap card, very pleased with how that came out, seem to be getting the hang of this DIY pyramage.

So now just got to complete my scrap book challenge. Got to go find some spring flowers...

Have a lovely Mothering Sunday...

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