Thursday, 19 March 2009


Had to contact the jobcentreplus lot about my SSP claim, I was instructed to do so via the phone, even tho you can do it online. It took 45 minutes, I am sure the woman was writing it all down, plus I could barely understand her. Then she contradicted what I'd been told last week... do they know what they're doing? She told me to send in my last sick note, can't do that as work have it! I mean work wouldn't have been paying me sick pay would they without a damn sick note!

What confuses me is that she kept on saying I'd have to attend a back to work interview... but I am in work! They never make it simple do they?

But it is done, forms should be here in next day or so.

But that was the only blight on an otherwise lovely day. Sun was shining again, and it was a bit warmer, i put on a T shirt.

Put up an old scrap page, I'd taken a pic of an usual piece of wood on the beach, it just looked like a body. So I used my beach paper, cut out a spyglass, added the flip flops and the text. Kinda looks like an Agatha Christie book cover.

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