Friday, 27 March 2009


Okay here is the question: you go do some shopping for your mum, she has given you her bank card, you also need a few bits so you pay for the lot using her card. When you get home you tot up what you owe her and give her the cash.

So that would be okay? You'd think so... but I did that today, made careful note of what I'd bought, it came to 8.90, so I gave mum a tenner, so she was actually in profit. Was she happy, no. And i have no idea why. She just snapped at me, said she wished I wouldn't do that. Do what? It isn't like me putting my purchases on her card will cause her to go overdrawn (if it did I wouldn't do it). But it really upset me. It takes me an age to get round the supermarket, and the last thing I want to do is to start faffing around paying for two lots of shopping, I hate when people do that. But I am incapacitated, and in a lot of pain at the moment, the wires are really bugging me right now. I just don't go round squealing and screaming like mum does.

Right until I got home it had been a nice morning, I chose to drive back the long way, just for a change. And I found a new craft shop! So I made a mental note of it, and plan to go back tomorrow. It's very local and I am hoping it will deliver the goods so to speak. I'm quite lost these days without my craft central. I loved to mooch round, and I'd got to know the staff, which is always nice, cos then you can have a natter. And I always managed to find what i wanted. Then mum had to go spoil it.

I didn't do any crafting, just didn't feel up to it. Went off and did jigsaws on line, very addictive! The pic is a scrap page, a challenge I did (and set), it was a scrap lift from pencil lines. The theme was spring flowers. I had been hoping to take my own photos of my own crocuses, but couldn't bend down far enough to take a decent shot! So nicked this photo from the internet. I wanted to use bold colours, and those that do not necessarily go together, like purple and green. I made the flowers using a technique from my past, once during a math class our teacher told us to draw a circle then make a flower, drawing petals using a compass. I did that, then used a compass cutter to get an accurate cut. Felt quite chuffed with the result.

Will go look at new craft shop tomorrow, and I'm hoping I won't be disappointed. May ask mum if she wants to come, well she is desperate to get out. Where is my family when I need them?

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