Friday, 6 March 2009

And another week is over

Not very happy, at last the mirror glass arrived, it did say Fragile in big letters, obviously my postie can't read as he just shoved it thru letter box. Luckily it survived the drop, but whoever stole the original glass must also have taken the back plate - have stuck the glass on, but I don't think it will be there for long. So off back to ebay to find a new complete wing mirror, found a chap selling a pair, well driver's side can't be adjusted from inside so... clicked the buy now button. I'm still wondering why anyone would nick a mirror glass, it will only fit a certain make of corsa, and it would never fit in properly... they could have spent £6 at Halfords and got an anti dazzle mirror!

Just been warily watching the kids, they were making a racket outside. Then I noticed one of them leap over the fence, knocking over one of the rose bushes... they're playing hide and seek. The boy had come in thru the gate, has left that open and nearly damaged the plants. Why do today's kids think they have a right to just roam over people's property? And why don't their parents, in this case 3 of the parents live in houses opposite, keep an eye on their offspring. I think it is a case of out of mind out of sight. My neighbour once had to tell a boy 3 times to get off my car, he asked nicely, but the boy just lolled on the bonnet, if I'd seen him I'd have walloped him.

Just had one of those twilight zone experiences, with mum. She'd got it into her head that her prescription would be at the chemist, have no idea why I'd told her it wouldn't be ready till next week. Then she has a moan because I don't want take her to the cafe bar, not because I didn't want to, but because I was in pain, I'd just done some shopping and have had a very busy week. Nor is it just a case of driving her to her destination, if it was it would be okay, but she uses her stroller, which I have to try to put in the boot of car, and of course when we arrive I have to get the damn thing out again. She seems to forget that I'm also struggling here, with two dodgy knees and a bad back.

She does seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff, I bought some sausages, the same brand as last week, yet she seemed to think we'd not had them before! And also the pizza I got for dinner, one that she told me to get, but then moaned about! I'm sick of having these silly arguments with her, I used to back down, but not any more. I'm tired of telling to go see her GP and get something for her depression, she admits she is depressed but won't then go get help. And then there is her right hip, which is not going to get better, she has stuck her head in the sand. I know she is afraid of further surgery, I can fully understand, but I also wonder if she has realised she may well end up in a wheelchair, and possibly in a nursing home. I certainly can't be pushing a wheelchair.

Excuse me: arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Feel better now.

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