Monday, 2 March 2009

At the car wash

Today I had the NOT so brillian idea of washing my car. I had thought about taking it to a jet wash, or hand wash, but on Saturday I saw a neighbour of mine, who'd had a stroke and was paralysed down his left side, washing his car... so it was a case of: well if he can, so can I. So I did. Mistake, big mistake. I figured out how to get the buckets of water down stairs, using the stair lift, but trying to balance on one leg on a crutch whilst washing a car wasn't easy. I did the best I could... then I had to rinse car, same drawn out procedure, one bucket of water and watering can full of clean water, on stair lift.... but then had to figure out how to balance on one leg whilst using watering can to get soapy water off car.... I managed it, in a fashion. I guess I was keeping someone amused somewhere... I then took a break, let car dry off before going down to use wash leather on windows.

It was my back more than my knee that was complaining. Knee complained much later. Next on list was to wax car... why had I started this? So lathered on wax, hobbling round car, waxing and polishing. Finally I finished and had a clean car! First time in 5 months. And it had only taken me 90 minutes... plus. At least I felt hungry, so made lunch, and managed to slop coleslaw down me, then upset mug of tea all over table and carpet.... last thing I needed. Had lots of mopping up to do then. Mum was no use and obviously had no intention of being any use, as she just sat there, going on about how long it would take her to get a cloth etc... yeah, but the gesture would have been appreciated.

And at around 3pm realise it is raining... how nice, just spent an age washing and polishing car and it goes and rains! Brilliant.

In meantime mum had decided to go to corner shop, she left at 2pmish, and came back at just before 3 pmish... moaning about bad hip. I can understand why she is so fearful of having an second hip replacement, but that is the only thing that will solve her pain. And it would also help if she relaxed when walking. She's tensing up, so making life hard for herself. I just let her get on with it, well she wants to be independent. I am not being cruel, but she does need to figure stuff out for herself. Like I did today with the car wash, it was a long job, and yep, it hurt, but I got there, and there was a sense of achievement. Last year she was in the same pain, but she was getting on with it, now she is feeling way too sorry for herself.

Just had happy chat with friend, so feeling better. Will try to ignore that my second wire now appears to be trying to make its way out of my knee... I mean how many people are allergic to titanium? Must be miniscule, so why do I have to be one of those who is allergic?

Now got to go dream up a naughtyish card for a friend...

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Cazzy said...

You are mad woman! You should have nobbled a passing boy scout to do the car!