Tuesday, 1 January 2008

1st January 2008

Managed to stay up till midnight, watched the firework display in London and then went to bed. Luckily it was peaceful aside from a few idiots who think it is funny to let off fireworks throughout the night. Then found this morning that some mindless yobs had kicked my wing mirror off the car, and had smashed wing mirrors on 3 other cars - why? I can only assume that they have the brain capacity of a fruit fly. I hope that one day someone does the same thing to their car.

Fortunately for me my wing mirror is designed to 'give' under pressure, so I was able to just slot it back on. My other neighbour wasn't so lucky and will have to buy a new mirror for his van.

Was hoping to get a lot of crafting done, but a neighbour came in, her son is in hospital and she's very worried about him. So we had a nice chat, she also brought a bottle of sherry, I've not drunk sherry for years! She cheered up when I gave her then new year exploding box I'd made her. Managed to make one card, another waterfall card, wasn't happy with my waterslide card effort, so will have to try again. Caught up with the QVC craft show, but nothing really grabbed me. Also had a mini sort out of my stash, the one item I don't need to buy is any more cardstock, got tons of them in all colours. Stored away my Xmas stash, tho will need some of it for my Xmas scrap page, but the rest got put away. Not sure I could face making another Xmas card, heard some people on QVC saying they were making Xmas cards for 2008! Yikes- that is way too organised for me.

Well I've stopped dithering about buying a new PC, have lost patience with this PC, it is just too darn slow. I went to Dell, and have selected all the bits and bobs for my new PC, best bit is I don't have to pay till JUNE - that is the bit that swung it. Mind you Xmas was not as expensive this year, I did cut back a bit, and we have a rule that we don't spend a lot on each other.

Oh well got work tommorrow and Thursday :-((

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