Sunday, 18 October 2015

A bit of this and a bit of that...

More landscaping!  I had a good look at the base for the Shepherd's Hut and found a few gaps.  So they were filled,  gravel was weathered accordingly.   Added a bit more gravel round the stile.  Then worked on the second tree,  I'd added a lot of underneath foliage yesterday,  so it was a question of building it up today.  It may need a few more bits added,  but I did fix it into place.  Also picked up a trick from Youtube, hairspray... good for fixing stuff.  

And with Hut in place.  It really has come a long way in a week.  A friend remarked that it would make a good craft room,  I think she may have a point.  It would certainly be cosy with the stove, and I guess if you ripped out the bed, replaced it with a large desk, added a few shelves, some power points, and you'd have a very nice craft room.  

Meanwhile, down the lane, just a short walk from the fields,  is Thimble Cottage.   It has also had more finishing touches.  Still working on that second tree,  it will take a few more days to build it up properly.   I also put in the wonky fence wot I made.   And after a good look round also found a few gaps that needed filling.  

I put more gravel on the base,  once it is fully dry it will be weathered to blend in with everything else.    

A better look at the half done tree,  as you can see it needs a lot more foliage added to it.  The fence looks okay,  and once the gravel has been weathered it will blend in with the cottage.   I need to order the bird house, and the garden seat,  they'll make excellent additions to this rustic scene.

When the tree is finished the cottage will be fixed into place.  

 And this is what started it all - Teacup Cottage. I'm still fiddling with it,  just adding more bushes here and there.  I am also experimenting with a hedge.  I cut a piece of balsa to size, rounded off the top,  painted it green, sealed it with PVA, then began adding the foliage.  I found it best to add a little, then wait for that part to dry before moving on.   I think this also needs a bird house, and a bench, and definitely that washing line I've been threatening to put in for weeks. 

My next project is already lined up, and will be ordered tomorrow.  All will be revealed soon.  But I have been looking up how to make pavements and cobblestones, they should give some clues as to what I will be building this week. 

More grey weather,  so depressing, the sun did threaten to break through this morning, then it gave up the fight.   I tackled the ironing,  not my favourite task, but the pile was not as large as I had believed.   Harvey had his now customary lie in,  next thing he'll be gobbling up his food.  No chance of that,  he was being picky today,  one dish got scoffed,  the next was ignored aside from a few nibbles, and he's undecided about his dinner.

Sad day with the rugby, all the home nations losing.  What is so refreshing is that there is no cheating, they respect the referee,  no rolling around in pretend agony,  and if they try it the ref tells them to stop playacting.   Oh and the fans are mixed together,   unlike football which has been ruined by the prima donnas and all the cheating.  

Sold some of my stash,  next task is to sort out my stamps.  They're not too untidy,  I have just about managed to keep them all together.   What has been surprising is how much stuff I've acquired over the years.   Some were pure impulse buys,  and one or more items have never been used.  That is us crafters,  we all too often get carried away in craft shops, especially at the beginning.  I'll be keeping my ink pads, they're great for distressing stuff,  not so sure about the embossing powders.  Need to offload a cuttlebug as well, that was a bad buy on my part, a month later I bought the grand calibur.

Right I am in need of a cup of tea, and must persuade Harvey to come inside.    A new week ahead, hope it proves to be enjoyable for all.  Thanks for stopping by. 


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