Sunday, 11 October 2015

Grassed off!

The landscaping is going well.  I began to blend in the 'rockery',  used some shrubbery and coarse grass round the front edge. 

I put in a few small patches of gravel,  and as usual it was toned down with some paint.   I also found out that it was much easier to use one of the plastic spreaders to apply the glue rather than a brush.  Far less messy,  though still ended up with grassy fingers!

I glued the first tree into place.  It will be at the front of the cottage.    I used the coarse grass to blend in the base, and round one edge is the start of a small hedge,  which will grow over the next few days. 

Again I added some patches of the gravel, just purely for some interest.  There will be some clumps of bushes dotted round.  

Next task was to position the second tree, which needed to be alongside the cottage.   I also decided to use a different method, so rather than use the air dried clay, I mixed up some filler.  First I scraped away the grass, then dabbed on some PVA glue,  then on went the filler,  and next the tree.  I then checked it was in the right place, it was - just!   That was when I had to stop as it now has to dry completely.

I'd covered the tree with the masking tape,  then added the netting.  The first tree now has its first layer of foliage,  it needs at least one more layer.  The second tree is going to be quite big,  think I'll be adding quite a lot of foliage to it.  Then of course the cottage can be put into place, and all the finishing touches completed. 

I had a horrible start to the day.   I was fighting with myself,  trying to find some motivation and failing miserably.   In my dreams I'd smashed up the self service machine in the supermarket after it said: unexpected item..   It was most odd.   I really did feel very angry.   I'd had a break from my antidepressants,  just a few days, but today I felt that I really needed to take them, so I took two.  Oh boy, the difference was incredible,  felt much better.    So yah boo sucks to those who say that you don't need to take anti depressants!    I've had friends tell me that when they were prescibed them, they threw them away!  Well first of all if you had no intention of taking them, then why get the prescription filled, and second why not return them to the chemist?    What a waste of money, nope, not the cost of the prescription,  but the waste of the drugs and their true cost to the NHS.   Moan over.

Now will the Shepherd's Hut arrive tomorrow?   And will I ever stop building these small houses - well the answer to the latter is - no.   I'm enjoying myself way too much to stop.    The landscaping is also proving to be immensely satisfying,   and also challenging.   The first, Teacup Cottage, got a squarish base,  no idea why, I had in mind making a formal garden but the cottage didn't lend itself to such formality. So it is a little more relaxed.  The base for Thimble Cottage was a more unusual shape,  and I had hoped to build it up, but I discovered that I'm not skilled enough - yet.   The Shepherd's Hut comes with a base, and of course it is meant to be in a field.  So that will test my imagination. 

Another grey and chilly day today,  well we did get to enjoy a lovely end to September and the beginning of October.    Forecast said it would get colder this week, so I've got out some warmer tops.   I've washed and ironed the summer bedding, that is now stored away.   All it means is a switch back to my duvet from a sheet and thin bedspread.  Harvey was tucked in beside me last night.  He wasn't happy with his food,  well we were down to the last couple of packets, the two he doesn't really like...  funny then how he managed to scoff them both!    He now has food, as I made a trip to the supermarket,  and indulged in a cake for myself,  just as a cheer up. 

So all for now,  hope to be reporting on the Shepherd's Hut soon - watch this space. Enjoy the new week,  and whatever else you do, find time for a little creativity!

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CraftygasheadZo said...

I enjoy seeing your progress with this project! Hope your hut arrives. You rant away we all need from time to time! Take care Zo xx